I met Ed Wallace, founder of The Relational Capital Group, in a networking manner five years ago and read his first book. His most recent book really helped me take the knowledge of hierarchical relationships (we all have friends but few trusted advisors), and that is true even in the business world. Since I handle finance, HR, and key partnerships for my firm, building relationships is critical, and I always look for tips, techniques, and tools to help me manage relationships. It’s an easy read, perfect for the beach and something that can be applied in and out of the office.

— Gary Bender, CFO, ABEC, Inc.

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Ed Wallace

Chris Malone on CNBC

Chris Malone was a guest on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo at 4:25 pm on Wednesday, September 29, 2010. Watch the segment below:

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Relational GPS: The Road Map to Outstanding Business Relationships

“Instead of just wishing that better business contacts would magically appear in your professional life, drive the business contacts you’ve already established to more productive and rewarding levels. The initial step of pinpointing your core relationships will lead you toward participating with an actual person rather than with a digital line in a CRM system or on Linked In. A process, however, for driving your core relationships to success, is also vital. I call this process understanding your contact’s Relational GPS.”

–Ed Wallace