Relational GPS: The Road Map to Outstanding Business Relationships

“Instead of just wishing that better business contacts would magically appear in your professional life, drive the business contacts you’ve already established to more productive and rewarding levels. The initial step of pinpointing your core relationships will lead you toward participating with an actual person rather than with a digital line in a CRM system or on Linked In. A process, however, for driving your core relationships to success, is also vital. I call this process understanding your contact’s Relational GPS.”

–Ed Wallace

Relational Capitalist

One person who knows the value of getting more sales from all of his client-facing professionals—and so, appropriately, trains his staff to become better at focusing on relational capital—is Jerry, a client and friend who owns a rapidly growing corrugated box–manufacturing business. In a word, Jerry is a true relational capitalist!

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