Ed Wallace

“Ed’s session was one of the highest rated sessions of our Leadership Conference.  He is dynamic, engaging, and has a way of bringing you into the story to the point where we actually cared about ‘Max’.  Ed takes the time to build and nurture relationships and that comes through in his message.”

 – Tonya Muse, Executive Director, CMA, National Association of Manufacturers

Sharing his insights from over 30 years as a successful executive and entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author Ed Wallace provides the first systematic program for advancing business relationships. By genuinely connecting with your customers, colleagues and key contacts, by understanding their goals, passions and struggles (Relational GPS®) you have an opportunity to transcend typical business interactions and enjoy more fulfilling, more productive relationships.

Creating Relational Capital: So Easy a Taxi Driver Can Do It!

Combining compelling stories about the wisdom he learned from Max the Taxi Driver and 25 years in business, Ed explains the essential qualities of Relational Capital – Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity – and how this intangible asset can be created, developed, and used to boost your personal net worth in life and business. You will never take another relationship for granted after you hear this talk!

Connecting With the People Who Power Your Business

Relationships hold companies together and fuel future growth. From connecting with customers to forging high-performing teams, success depends on everyone working well together. Yet many leaders prioritize potential relationships and take established ones for granted.

In this highly interactive keynote, critically acclaimed author Ed Wallace will help the audience establish common ground, focus on collaboration instead of command, put people before process, demonstrate worthy intent, and make every interaction matter. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP FOR GRANTED AFTER THIS TALK.


  • Why The Relationship Engine – Displaying Worthy Intent - is your key to success
  • How to apply the Five Principles of Relational Leadership
  • How uncovering Relational GPS allows Relational Leaders to navigate today’s multi-generational and organizational challenges

Outperform Your Competition By Investing In Relational Capital

We hear CEO's and business owners saying, "This is a relationship business, but what if our competitor develops a better one?"

Participants will learn:

  • The 5 Relational Ladder® Steps to transform contacts into high performing relationships
  • How to improve sales and overall corporate performance by investing in relational capital
  • Why 'creating relational capital' will become a lasting competitive advantage
  • It's not about selling, but about focusing on relationships with customers, employees, and vendors

"Differentiate…No, No DISTINGUISH YOURSELF!!!"

Words and how we use them are very defining for us in today's business. Everywhere we visit, we hear, "This is how I differentiate myself and our business." If everyone is differentiating themselves then how can you stand out? Ed shares how powerful "distinguishing" yourself through a strategic focus on your most important business relationships can be to your performance and well-being.

No More 'Fake It Until You Make It'

Let Ed share the motivation to wake up every morning not thinking about going to work, but rather going to spend time with close friends all day long! Ed believes, "For people as 'connected' as we are, we're completely disconnected in making our business lives work. We need to bring the human touch back into everyday business." Let Ed motivate your audience to just be themselves and head out not dreading their workday, but rather seeing their job as spending time with 'close friends' all day long.

"Ed, your talk was fabulous! Max would be proud with how well you bring his simple yet profound practices to the masses. I’m sure there will be 100+ professional women in our area operating with a new “Relational GPS” going forward."
Liz Coyle, HBA GP President 2014

"Ed's message on the power of relationships and the practical tools he shared fortified our already successful producer team so they can take their efforts to even higher levels!"
Andy Barker, COO, Van Meter Insurance

"Ed Wallace delivered a fantastic keynote to our MBA alumni and guests! He hit this one out of the park and had everyone in the room completely energized. The positive comments following his presentation were non-stop, and even the most experienced business people said they left with takeaways to use immediately. Ed is a thoroughly engaging speaker whose talk will help your audience improve their business results."
Jennifer Easter, Director, MBA Program at Lebanon Valley College

"I got to know Ed well outside and inside the classroom…He is a true professional and one of a kind!"
Anthony Klefas, coordinator for UNB’s Executive Education Centre"

"I must say that our event featuring The Power of Relationships was very successful! You engaged all, it was informative and most of all enjoyable. Thank you!"
Patricia Esposito, Villanova Alumni Association

"Our sales meeting was a big success and your were a major contributor to that success!"
Bob Ahn, Horn Company

"Thank you so much for making us better!"
Kathy McEuen Harmon, Dean, Admission and Financial Aid, University of Dayton

"You ROCK!!! I continue to get great feedback about your training session last Friday. Multiple people from numerous chapters have gone out of their way to share their thoughts about the session. One person in particular went into detail about how your presentation made them think about relationships and connecting to people in an entirely new and different way.

Thank you for helping our organization and for being an ACTIVIST in the MS Mission"
Tami Caesar, President, National MS Society

"Ed, the energy and enthusiasm in the room this morning certainly validated the value that we all gained from your presentation! Thank you very much for bringing such a compelling message to The Magellan Group."
Suzanne F. Kaplan, Managing Principal, The Magellan Group

"Ed continues to deliver inspiring and thought provoking keynotes for our members. His Relational Capital ideas are on target and immediately actionable in today's competitive and fast-paced business environment!"
Taylor Fernley, President/CEO, Fernley & Fernley, Chair, Union League Business Leadership Forum

"I heard things I never heard before! Thank you, Ed."
Jeffrey Rose, Venture Partner. ICG

"Ed's keynote was so thought provoking for our audience of high end life insurance and financial planning customers! While they are veterans in their businesses, they came away with new insights for improving their existing relationships and building new ones. Even our hardest to please audience members were able to identify with the lessons of Max the cab driver. I would highly recommend this presentation for any audience who relies on their relationships to generate revenue!"
Julie Schneider, Senior Vice President, Highland Capital Brokerage

" Ed, thank you for your excellent presentation at our HighCap Financial Group meeting in Chicago this week. I have heard many presentations over my thirty-year career with very little impact until yours. I will now incorporate GPS into both my professional and personal relationships as a way to DISTINGUISH rather than DIFFERENTIATE myself from others.
Michael J. Pariano, CLU, Managing Principal, HCB

"Ed, you delivered a truly inspiring and engaging session on relational capital to our EMBA Annual Conference! The attendees' take aways were not only relevant but immediately actionable."
Seema Thomas, SAP Americas

"If I was scoring today's presentation, you scored a perfect TEN! As I looked across the sold out room, you had us captivated by your delivery style and content. We listened, nodded our heads in agreement, shared "ah ha" moments, and left knowing more about relational capital and GPS then we did before"
Karen Mandel, Director of Business Development, Cornucopia Corporate Dining

"Ed, your talk surpassed even our highest expectations! Your dynamic delivery drove home the point that tending to our business relationships benefits everyone's lives and our revenue streams!"
Bernard Dagenais, President & CEO, The Main Line Chamber of Commerce

"I wanted to commend you on an excellent presentation today! Your message on building relationships based on core values are a critical element to success! Thanks for all of your insights that continue to play a key role in my career."
Rob Olszewski, Partner, Kreischer Miller, LLC

"Thank you for sharing your talents and passion with our students! Your talk cleared the bases with a grand slam. It was a great way to close out the class."
George Latella, Professor of Food Marketing, St. Joseph's University, Haub School of Business

"Ed, on behalf of our members, thank you for an insightful, useful and inspiring talk! Our members continue to reference your key points weeks after your talk. Hope to have you back soon!"
Thomas M. Smith, ChemPharma, Philadelphia Chapter Chair

"Ed Wallace's compelling keynote helped our members fundamentally change their understanding and approach to developing high performing business relationships."
Dale E. Kleber, CEO, American Dairy Products Institute

"Ed was a huge hit with our audience. The feedback I heard was 'great speaker' and 'very genuine'. Ed has passed on some very useful tools that each of us can implement in any of our diverse fields of accounting"
Pamela Wenner, President Elect, American Society of Women Accountants – Philadelphia Chapter

"Wow! You really created a stir in Chicago at our OGExchange seminar! We all climbed the Relational Ladder with you."
Scott Addis, CEO, The Addis Group

"Ed completely captured the attention of our entire team with his inspiring stories and message. His training session on the importance and value of building lasting relationships was everything we hoped for and better than we could have planned!"
Suzanne C. Smethers, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder, InteProd

"Ed's keynote on the power of creating relational capital was inspirational, practical, and a heckuva lot of fun!"
Dr. James Klingler, Villanova University, Beyond Ideas: The Art of Entrepreneurship

"Ed Wallace brings a different twist to the sales arena. His presentation on "Building Relational Capital" is excellent. He made a lasting impression on our group and I will look forward to bringing him back to our CEO groups again."
Richard Singer, Vistage International Chair

"Ed Wallace's presentation was a hit!  Everyone agreed it was the most impressive presentation of the day."
Nancy Murray, Senior Manager - Human Resources, LECG-SMART

"Ed Wallace is one of the most engaging, sincere and thoughtful speakers I know. He graciously signed books for our attendees and truly personifies Relational Capital."
D. Mike Smith, President-Elect, ASTD, Philadelphia Chapter

"Ed — I wanted to follow up after our meeting and let you know that I enjoyed the presentation. I have been in the leasing industry for 19 years and quite frankly was skeptical before our meeting, due to the fact that most presenters are talking heads, or cheer leaders "telling" you how to sell. Your presentation and book cross the barrier, because they are based on human interaction."
Joseph A. Flacco, Director of Healthcare Finance, Vanguard Leasing Inc.

"Ed Wallace's presentation was truly outstanding. Great stories and great message! We were all impressed and I've already started the book."
Lisa Tierney, President, Association for Accounting Marketing, Philadelphia Chapter

"We've had great feedback on your presentation. We were so fortunate to have you address our NARA members."
Susan L. Sheets, President, National Aircraft Resale Association

"Ed, thank you so much for an outstanding presentation to the Society Of Information Management.  We loved your stories - especially about Max.  Many valid points, easy to remember and extrapolate to our own situations."
Grace Schuler, SIM Philadelphia Chapter Program Chair