Ed Wallace

Your Perpetual Audition

300px-AuditionsRelationalLadderIt’s only natural – as we advance up the relational ladder, we find a comfort zone with our colleagues, our business partners, our clients and vendors.

What happens though, is that as we get into that comfort zone, it becomes increasingly difficult to advance the relationship any further.

The whole idea behind continuously advancing that relationship is so that we can achieve our mutual goals together – so that we can continue to be aware of where we can offer and ask for help.

Be aware that no matter how established the business relationship is, each business relationship is always in a state of a perpetual audition.

Trust can fluctuate up or down depending on how we handle each interaction. We may be very comfortable with a business partner; however, when we want to advance the business relationship, we need to proactively move the relationship beyond this state.

imovie_largeAction Point

Be aware that business relationships are a dynamic process, in which we are in a state of perpetual auditioning – auditioning for our business partners’ time, their interest, their ability to help us, and ultimately, their desire to deepen their relationship with us. expired sites whois directory