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We have developed a relationship training webinar series that emphasizes the key Relationship Capital concepts in easy to follow and actionable 50 minute segments. Contact us for details on scheduling for your team.

Understanding the Relational Ladder®

The first webinar in the series introduces The Relational Ladder®, a repeatable relationship training process for you to transform contacts into high-performing relationships. Ed Wallace will help you connect the achievement of your goals to this 5-step Relational Ladder process.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use the Relational Ladder® steps to advance Relationship Capital and achieve their goals;
  • Where they stand on the ladder based on their contacts’ behaviors;
  • What relationships belong on the ladder and whether they are Acquaintances, Professional Peers, or Respected Advisors;
  • Why this approach can be used for every business relationship.

Launching Your Business Relationships

C-Level executives do not spend a great deal of time with sales professionals so how do you make the most of these opportunities?

Whether you are “farming” or “hunting”, this webinar will help you understand and apply:

  • The importance and power of developing credibility when launching a new business relationship
  • How to learn more about your customer’s GPS
  • How a simple, three step process called ROC will lead to effective initial meetings
  • Why an impactful value statement will distinguish you from your competitors
  • How to apply these concepts to hunting and farming opportunities

Securing Your Business Relationships

After you have established common ground, your contact now gives you the opportunity to secure the Relationship Capital by displaying your integrity and trust-making and keeping your commitments. The more business promises you keep, the easier it is to advance the relationship and achieve your own goals in the process.

During this session, participants will learn:

  • Why delivering on commitments continues your ascent up the Relational Ladder® and how you become professional peers with your contacts;
  • The public and private sides of integrity;
  • Behaviors that help you realize that you have secured the relationship;
  • How to use time purposefully to develop more integrity in the process.

Realizing Returns on Your Business Relationships

Now that you have advanced up the Relational Ladder, your relationships become much more authentic and you will regularly realize returns on the relational investment you have made. Participants will learn:

  • Why Respected Advisor relationships are so valuable and career spanning
  • Why offering help and asking for help are powerful behaviors
  • How to sustain Respected Advisor Relationships
  • Strategies for Lateral and Vertical Relationship Capital

Young Professionals: Essential Qualities of Great Relationship Capital

The Young Professionals Webinar Series provides insights on general business practices, industry related issues and human resource topics to help young professionals in every area of business reach their career development goals. Attendees join Ed Wallace, President Chief Relationship Officer at the Relational Capital Group for a webinar on how to create strong business relationships that last!