New Sales Professionals

Develop Foundational Relationship Capital Competencies!

Our Clients

Relational LadderOur “Creating Relationship Capital” solution provides a highly interactive and immediately actionable approach for new sales professionals as they begin to launch and advance relationships in support of their performance objectives.

Participants will experience:

  • The fundamentals for creating Relationship Capital and its impact on their relationships and careers
  • How to achieve sales goals through relationship training—identifying, measuring, and proactively advancing their most important business relationships
  • To internalize a five-step process for advancing each business relationship, transforming business Acquaintances into Professional Peers and, ultimately, Respected Advisors
  • How their contacts’ Relational GPS®—their goals, passions, and struggles— help create business relationships that last
  • To develop Action Plans that allow for immediate application of the learning to emerging business relationships

Our Approach Includes:

  • Collaboration with executives to develop the best Relationship Capital solution in support of their on-boarding objectives;
  • Measurement and tracking of the actual value and strength of each professional’s business relationships through RQ®—our web-based assessment tool;
  • Implementation of “relationship capital advancement” as a core competency into your team’s daily work
  • Transparency into where key relationships stand and progress against objectives;
  • Accountability and throughput are ensured through our executive coaches who are executives currently working in industry.