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The problem with CRM systems is that they don’t really tell you anything about your relationships – those same relationships that drive your results every year. Recalling similar issues in our own sales careers, we developed RQ® Pro to solve this age old dilemma. RQ® Pro is an easy to use, yet powerful web based strategic relationship advancement tool.

The first step in RQ® Pro is the Relational Quotient—RQ®, an insightful measure of a professional’s level of Relational Intelligence with their most Important Business Relationships connected to their performance objectives or quotas.1: Calculate Your Relational Quotient®

RQ® reveals where your top 5 relationships stand in less than 20 minutes.

Create Action Plans and Relationship Strategies2: Create Action Plans and Relationship Strategies

Only 24% of senior executives actually develop any!

Fully implement our approach of advancing the right relationships and to create accountability for everyone in the process.3: Close More Business

RQ® integrates with leading CRM systems like Saleforce.com.