Higher Education

Create Lasting Relationship Capital with Alumni, Students and
Corporate Partners

"Do yourself and your organization a favor by looking at what Relational Capital can offer in terms of improving your business relationships by learning to develop concrete action plans to improve your company’s bottom line."Anthony Klefas, coordinator for UNB’s Executive Education Centre

Our Clients

Relational LadderWe provide sustainable Relationship Training Solutions for Higher-Ed professionals to improve bottom line results by prioritizing, measuring and advancing their most important business relationships for prioritizing, measuring and advancing your most impactful business relationships.

You will experience:

  • Increased alumni donations
  • More student/alumni loyalty
  • Better intra-institutional Relationship Capital
  • Deeper team member commitment
  • How to apply the Relational Ladder® to your most important relationships

Our Approach Includes:

  • Collaboration with administrators to develop the best Relationship Capital solution in support of their objectives;
  • Measurement and tracking of the actual value and strength of each professional’s relationships through RQ®—our web-based assessment tool;
  • Implementation of “relationship capital advancement” as a core competency into your teams daily work;
  • Transparency into where key relationships stand and progress against objectives;
  • Accountability and throughput are ensured through our executive coaches who are executives currently working in industry.