Workshop Client Testimonials

“We engaged Ed and his team to work with our sales team and they have helped us recognize the importance of relationship building, setting goals to achieve higher level relationships, and reinforce the process through ongoing personal coaching. This personalized style of consulting has propelled us to a higher level of sales performance.”
Steve Drayer, Sales Director, Heidolph NA

“Do yourself and your organization a favor by looking at what Relational Capital can offer in terms of improving your business relationships by learning to develop concrete action plans to improve your company’s bottom line.”
Anthony Klefas, coordinator for UNB’s Executive Education Centre

“Ed’s message on the power of relationships and the practical tools he shared fortified our already successful producer team so they can take their efforts to even higher levels!”
Andy Barker, COO, Van Meter Insurance

“The best money we ever spent!”
Jim Hanna, CPA, Managing Partner, Hanna McGlone

“Ed made our members laugh, cry and left them screaming for more!  That’s just what he does!”
Thomas Burkhard, Senior Vice president, Knights of Columbus Insurance

“Thank you so much for making us better!”
Kathy McEuen Harmon, Dean, Admission and Financial Aid, University of Dayton

“…the best and most effective meeting of our career. Everyone knew what they needed to be doing but lacked the structure of the principles. You accomplished in eight hours – more than I have been able achieve in the whole past year! I expect our production volume will likely double in 2012 as a direct result of the experience that we had with You and Max…. I can not thank you enough.”
Lori McGinnis, Area Sales Manager, MetLife

“Ed, thank you so much for making our Leadership Berkeley Alumni event such an enjoyable and successful day!”
Karen Carpentieri, Vice-president, Human Resources, Berkeley College

“Ed Wallace and Max shared an extremely powerful program with our team! The Relational Ladder is an actionable process that really works and will have a measurable impact on our results!”
Jim Perry, Global Vice President – Human Resources, Master Chemical

“Ed’s pioneering relationship building work has been a major influencer in teaching me new relationship building skills; which I did not think possible at this senior stage of my business career.”
Richard Kolodgie, VP Business Development, CGI

“The Creating Relational Capital program captures the ‘algebra’ of building successful business relationships. Ed offers concrete steps for growing “relational capital”, which not only creates enormous business value, but also yields great personal satisfaction”
Dale E. Kleber, CEO, American Dairy Products Institute

“As a company who has identified building relationships as a core competency, we have really embraced the relationship principles and processes brought to us by the Relational Capital Group. As a result, we’ve seen significant growth in organization effectiveness and productivity. I would strongly recommend them to anyone we don’t compete with!”
Jeff Westphal, President and CEO, Vertex, Inc.

“The Creating Relational Capital program was extremely helpful to our leadership team. For the first time, we developed specific strategies to advance the business relationships most important to our success.”
John Coates, President, Handy & Harman Tube Company

“The concepts developed by The Relational Capital Group take the mystery out of relationship building and replace the “secret sauce” with an actionable plan that will help any business professional achieve his/her goals.”
David Clary, Senior Vice President, ICG Commerce

“Ed’s been helping Vistage executives outperform their competition through expert workshops on building value through business relationships.”
Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Vistage International

“Customer results have been outstanding just 3 months after we implemented the Relational Ladder™ process. It’s now part of our DNA!”
John McLeod, Director Enterprise Accounts, Iron Mountain Information Management

“Ed — I wanted to follow up after our meeting and let you know that I enjoyed the presentation. I have been in the leasing industry for 19 years and quite frankly was skeptical before our meeting, due to the fact that most presenters are talking heads, or cheer leaders “telling” you how to sell. Your presentation and book cross the barrier, because they are based on human interaction.”
Joseph A. Flacco, Director of Healthcare Finance, Vanguard Leasing Inc.

“Ed Wallace’s talks and programs have been a smash with our members! I strongly recommend him to anyone who believes that relationships are the secret to success.”
Marshall Lipson, VP of Member Programs, The Society of Financial Services Professionals

“We’ve received very positive feedback on your training session last week. We would love to have you back soon. Our budgets are tight, but we should find a way to get you on the schedule again this year. Thanks very much for facilitating a great program!”
Kristin Haines, Director of Talent Management, VWR International, LLC

“Over the past several years, the consultants of The Relational Capital Group have proved their value time and time again, from leadership development to instilling in us the value of long term planning. In fact, they are not only a priceless resource, but true ‘friends’ of the firm.”
Michael J. O’Connor, Esquire, Managing Partner, O’Connor and Associates

“In over 15 years of being in business, I have never met someone as enthusiastic and passionate about building relationships as Ed Wallace. I have now attended two workshops that he has facilitated and I can truly say that using some of the tools that he has taught me, I have turned prospective clients into friends.”
Hollie McDonald, Assistant Vice President, M&T Bank

“Ed, your book has changed my sales and service process for the rest of my career!”
Devin Sizemore, Sales Engineer, Master Chemical