Relational Capital Refresher

Before you can begin calculating your Relational Quotient®, please review the information below about Relational Capital and the Relational Ladder®.

RCG-EssentialQualitiesThe Essential Qualities of Relational Capital

What is Relational Capital?
Relational Capital is the distinctive value created by people in a business relationship.

Relational Capital results from the convergence of the essential qualities of credibility, integrity and authenticity.

Relational LadderRelational Ladder®

Acquaintance – Most business relationships begin in this category and require relational capital investment to advance beyond a transactional relationship.

Professional Peer – Category where your business contact/colleague values you professionally and views you as a peer despite your role/level in the business relationship.

Respected Advisor – Highest category in the ladder where your advice is sought on issues and decisions outside of the original business reason/issue that brought you together.

Relational Ladder® Strategies

1. Establishing Common Ground: Launch the Relationship
• Create person-to-person connections• Understand your client’s business issues
• Ask about your client’s goals and aspirations• Resist the urge to offer answers and solutions
2. Displaying Integrity and Trust: Secure the Relationship
• Be honest about issues• Listen, take notes, and document decisions
• Share facts and not opinions• Always follow up on all commitments
3. Using Time Purposefully: Invest in the Relationship
• Value your client’s time• Value your own time
• Always prepare for meetings and interactions• Be in the moment
4. Offering Help: Share Relational Equity
• Focus on being yourself• Offer ideas aligned with your client’s goals, passions, and struggles
• Understand your client’s goals, passions, and struggles• Treat each challenge as unique
5. Asking for Help: Realize Significant Returns on Your Relationship Investment
• Focus on being yourself• Be able to say, “I don’t know!” and ask for help
• Seek to influence rather than direct decisions• Seek help with your own goals, passions, and struggles