“Everything in business today can be commoditized, digitized or outsourced…except for Relationships!”

Begin to transform your organization today with Relationship Capital Workshops.

Relational LadderWhile most organizations believe that relationships are the key to their success, their approach is paradoxical since they lack specific strategies and relationship training that focus on building relationships.

The Relationship Capital workshops provide a highly interactive and immediately actionable approach using the The Relational Ladder® process for prioritizing, measuring and advancing your most impactful business relationships.

Studies indicate that adults require multiple touch points in order to internalize new learning. Our Relationship Capital workshops are aligned with this philosophy, while still tailored to meet specific client relationship development needs. Also, we can help our clients incorporate the Relational Ladder® process into any CRM or contact management system.

You will experience:

  • Improved overall performance
  • Increased sales velocity
  • Better visibility into key relationships
  • Reduced revenue risk
  • Increased customer and employee Relationship Capital
  • “Competitor-proofing”

Our Approach Includes:

  • Collaboration with executives to develop the best Relationship Capital strategy in support of their brand and objectives;
  • Measurement of the actual value and strength of each professional’s business relationships through RQ™—our web-based assessment tool;
  • Implementation of our repeatable relationship training approach to increase tracking and visibility;
  • Generation of management level reports that provide data on where key relationships stand and progress against objectives;
  • Accountability and throughput are ensured through our executive coaches who are executives currently working in industry.

Relationships Are Everyone’s Job!

Our learning approach appeals to sales professionals and leaders at all levels-whether you are in sales or another client-facing role, lead or participate on a management team, or focus more on the technical aspects of your profession.

We have helped thousands of professionals across all industries adopt the Relational Ladder® to achieve their specific business relationship development needs and support their business objectives. Inquire about our workshops today to help your company advance relationships with every business contact.

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