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The Power of Coaching

Coaching can provide such sound return on investment that it has become an area that companies are using to become stronger and to provide more robust support in their efforts to keep key employees energized.

Successful business leaders know that if they have the right people with the right skills and attributes in the right jobs, they gain a key competitive advantage. Your organization’s ability to “grow” people is vital to its success. The best business coaching has dramatic effects on the performance of individuals and therefore on organizational success. Whether the organization is global, regional or local, private equity, family or privately owned, a professional services firm, a government department, a charity or a university, purposeful coaching can transform results, effectiveness and, over time, cultures.

Our Approach

We apply an integrated approach to coaching. This means that we bring together a range of perspectives to explore specific questions and issues with our clients. We draw on perspectives gained from management theory, real sales experience, psychology and coaching approaches, as well as the experience of operating at senior levels. These are combined with the insights gained from our coaching across diverse organizations and are delivered to each client’s advantage.

Our Services

We are expert executive coaches who help individuals and top executive teams rise to challenges and raise their game.

  • One to One Coaching for Executives, Sales Professionals and High Potentials
    Our one to one work with individual clients helps them to achieve their goals by accessing and developing their own abilities. We create a completely confidential space in which we work on these issues as partners. Our business and coaching experiences combine to allow clients to unlock their full potential.
  • Working with Women
    We have extensive experience with coaching women in senior leadership positions. The specialized knowledge and understanding of the issues facing women at work that we have gained, through our one to one work with senior women makes us unique.
  • Team Development and Facilitation (Leader as Coach)
    As executive coaches, focused on helping leaders develop their potential to deliver greater business benefit, we are increasingly called upon to apply our expertise to the development of leadership teams. Often, as a result of coaching a senior executive, it becomes clear that their business will be best served if we help them develop the leadership impact of their whole team.. Your leaders need to view people development as a strategic imperative as well as understand their roles in developing people through coaching.

    Increasingly, organizations are realizing the value of having their entire leadership/management team master the skills needed to be effective coaches so that the organization can raise its strategic and executional competence; in fact, many are requiring their leaders to be effective coaches. The Leader as Coach Program is designed to help executives, individual business leaders, as well as managers, and directors develop the skills required to help organizations compete, grow and thrive through creating a culture of coaching.